Plant Source 100% Water Soluble Fulvic Acid with Low Price

Plant Source 100% Water Soluble Fulvic Acid with Low Price

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one. Organic fulvic acid, also recognized as fulvic acid, is extracted from vegetation bodies, weathered coal, peat, and so forth, employing particular germs organic fermentation and chemical treament technology. It is a kind of short carbon chain molecular content extracted from organic vegetation, with higher loading ability and physiological exercise. Fulvic acid includes little molecule fragrant carboxylic acid chemical compounds, its primary parts made up of fulvic acid, amino acid, trace element, and many others. It also contains organic lively substances and plant endogenous hormone such as nucleic acid, salicylic acid, carbohydrates, indole acids, collagen, and so on.
two. Fulvic acid potassium is broadly used in aquaculture. Very first, the organic potassium have evident selling effect on the expansion of algae. The algae can boost the oxygen content material of h2o and be eaten as a natural feed. On the other hand, fulvic acid can complexate the nutrient aspects at the bottom of the pond by way of complexation, that is conducive to the absorption of aquatic plants. And it also can reduce the damage of weighty metals to aquatic pond.
three. This merchandise is wholly soluble in water,acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, and it is ready to blended with different fundamental factor and trace component CZPT flocculation. It can be used right also can be employed as brokers or additive of foliar fertilizer, fertigation, organic and natural manures,trace element fertilizer, aquaculture fertilizer, as well as first coating of the sluggish -release fertilizer in organic and inorganic compound fertilizer.

Software: Wheat, corn, sweet potatoes, rice, cotton, peanuts, rapeseed, tobacco, apples, grapes, fruit, greens etc.

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Its look is brown yellow powder. It is instantly dissolved in water. Water Solubility: ninety nine.9%. PH: five.-eight..

Visual appeal

Brown yellow powder


Smell of Fulvic

Solubility in drinking water

ninety nine.nine%



Fulvic Acid (Dry Basis)

≥70%, eighty five%, ninety five%

Amino Acid

5% , %(when fulvic acid ninety five%)




85 Mu

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Plant Source 100% Water Soluble Fulvic Acid with Low Price