UHF VHF Tetra Bda 10W Wireless Coupling Fiber Optic Signal Repeater Amplifier

UHF VHF Tetra Bda 10W Wireless Coupling Fiber Optic Signal Repeater Amplifier

UHF VHF TETRA BDA 10W Wi-fi Coupling Fiber Optic Signal Repeater Amplifier

PS Collection Fiber Optic BDA is the ideal and far more dependable solution to lengthen and improve the coverage region of wirless telecommunication techniques. Fiber Optic BDA is made up of two models: Regional CZPT Device (MU) and Remote Slave Device (RU).CZPT Device can be utilized directly coupled from BTS (Cable-Obtain FOR) or can be connected to a donor antenna acquiring signals from the BTS (Wi-fi-Obtain FOR), whilst Distant Slave Device gives services area with technique coverage. Fiber Optic BDAs amplifies in equally directions, uplink and downlink a continuous bandwidth, factory tuned. Its rugged design and simple discipline servicing minimizes operational fees and guarantees a higher MTBF.
Normal purposes of this line of BDAs are indoor scenarios such as tunnels, properties, subways, and outdoor scenarios this sort of as stadiums, rural locations and dense urban places.

Attributes & Rewards
Analog/Electronic compatibility: Our BDAs are compatible to analog and electronic technologies, with a peak to average ratio higher than 10dB.Suitable with TETRA, MPT1327, LTR, P25 and other people.

Vehicle diagnostics: CZPT and Slave models are geared up with microprocessor modules that management the units’ operational parameters. This self examine capability provides an instantaneous alarm output beneath failure scenario, by way of local LEDs. Microprocessor module verifies amplifiers standing, PA standing, electricity offer standing, intermediate filters position, and battery backup position and temperature ranges.

One CZPT & Several Slaves: Single device can handle up to 4 Slaves simultaneously.

WDM: Uplink and Downlink transmission in diverse wavelength with built-in WDM for one fiber optic operation.

Manage: BDAs can be controlled domestically by means of the handle panel or via RS-232, and can be distant controlled using OMS (Procedure and Servicing Software program) by means of wireless link. In each scenarios, nearby and distant, BDAs parameters can be adjusted (UL acquire, DL obtain, RF ON/OFF, intermediate filters traits) and alarms can be supervised (amplifiers status, PA position, energy provide standing, battery backup position, temperature).

Manual acquire manage: Uplink and Downlink achieve levels can be adjusted to fulfill method plHangCZPT specifications. Both chains (UL and DL) can be adjusted impartial, digitally, in 1dB actions. This acquire control can be done locally by way of tac switches, via RS232 (OMS) or can be done remote through wireless connection (OMS). Obtain values are proven by means of built-in electronic shows, for an simple and quick reading through.

Automatic Gain Handle (AGC): BDAs are outfitted with Automatic Acquire Handle (AGC) that acts in each Uplink and Downlink chains independent. The presence of an AGC enables a optimum energy operation with reduced intermodulation generation, and supplies a lineal procedure that assures a high good quality indicators amplification.

Battery backup: BDAs can be driven with AC or DC. Battery backup manner is CZPT for steady operation in situation of AC or Power Provide failure, or when no AC is CZPT.

Weatherproof enclosure: Units are equipped with IP65 enclosures, to permit a straightforward and effortless set up method given that no unique weather security is essential. CZPT repairing technique is wall mounting, Pole mounting brackets are CZPT as optional.

RF Specs

Merchandise Specification Remark
Up-Hyperlink Down-Link
Frequency selection 136 – 174 MHz 136 – 174 MHz VHF
350 – 520 MHz 350 – 520 MHz UHF
806 – 821Mhz 851 – 866Mhz 800M
Downlink to Uplink Separation 5Mhz min  
Output Energy -10- dBm 20-48dBm Cable-Access FOR
twenty-37 dBm 20-48dBm Wi-fi-Obtain FOR
Nominal Achieve 50 dB, each models with 10dB optical decline Cable-Accessibility FOR
95 dB, both units with 10dB optical loss Wireless-Obtain FOR
Move Band Ripple ±≤3dB  
Achieve Change Rang(MGC) -30dB in 1 dB measures  
Max. ALC level ≥25dB  
Intermodulation attenuation FCC compliant or ETSI compliant (based on output energy stages)  
Spurious emission 9kHz-1GHz ≤-36dBm  
1GHz-twelve.75GHz ≤-30dBm  
Noise Figure. ≤5dB(at highest output power)  
Team hold off ≤6us  
VSWR ≤1.5  
RF Connectors N – female  
Impedance fifty Ohms  
Fiber, advisable        Single manner, WDM included  
Wavelengths   1310 and 1550 um  
Optical Ports FC/APC feminine(Or CZPTized)  

Supervising Technical specs

Self diagnostic platform Microprocessor primarily based
Alarms Indeed, amplifiers status, energy amplifiers standing, power supply failure, battery backup failure, temperature, AGC, RF overload, very poor antenna isolation.
Nearby management and supervising Built-in gain adjustment interface and alarms/position LEDs, Personal computer obtain through RS-232 (OMS)
Distant management and supervising Distant access via wi-fi GSM SMS modem OR GPRS Modem OR Ethernet, alternative RC (OMS)

CZPTal & Mechanical Requirements

AC Supply Or DC Source 110/220 VAC OR DC48V OR DC24V
Housing CMU: IP40  WMU&RU-B: IP65  RU-C: IP65
Temp rang -thirty to +60 ºC
Dimension, W×D×H, in mm CMU 482×300×88 (19-inch 2U)
WMU&RU-B 550×395×180
RU-C 600×450×260
Fat CMU 7Kgs(Possibly, different designs will be tiny variances)
WMU&RU-B 28Kgs(Most likely, diverse models will be tiny variances)
RU-C 38Kgs(Most likely, diverse models will be small distinctions)
Mounting Wall mounting as regular, Option PK for pole mounting.

Fiber Optic signal repeater is suitable for set up in area of laying fiber optic cable, and fiber optic cable length need to not exceed 10km. 
Outside: Airports, Golf Classes, Tourism Regions, Villages, Highway, Tunnels, Mining Districts and so forth.
Indoor: Hotels, Exhibition Facilities, Shopping Malls, Gymnasium, Basements, Workplaces, Factory, Hospital,Leisure, Packing Plenty and so on.

BTS coupling Fiber Optical Repeater application:

Wi-fi coupling Fiber Optical Repeater application:

1. We will send the items in 10-15 times right after total payment has been confirmed, depth transport time depend on buy quantity.
two. Multiple shipping approach for variety, by air, by land, by sea or by expression courier.

Organization info:
Our organization, HangCZPT L-TEL Conversation Equipment Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007, positioned in the technologies economically developed city of HangCZPT, ZheJiang ,China. We are concentrating on the improvement, manufacturing and sales of a variety of mobile conversation repeaters, sign amplifiers and perform modules. We are a skilled maker specializing in ideal solutions for wireless signal protection for a selection of occasions.

Our present manufacturing services:
one) GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/IDEN/DCS/PCS/LTE/TETRA/DMR/VHF/UHF and other Repeaters (PICO Repeater/ Twin band Repeater/ Fiber Optical repeater/ Band or frequency selective repeater/ Frequency Shifting repeater) and sequence Trunk Amplifiers.
two) Functional Models: Lower-sounds Power Amplifier Integrative Module, Minimal-noise Band Selective Energy Amplifier Integrative Module, Electrical power Amplifier, Lower-sound Amplifier, Channelized Unit, Band Selective System, Band Selective Frequency Shifting System.
3) All kinds of accessories: Antenna/ Filter/Electricity divider/Connector/ Cable/Coupler/Combiner/Duplexer.
four) OEM/ ODM is CZPT.

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UHF VHF Tetra Bda 10W Wireless Coupling Fiber Optic Signal Repeater Amplifier