S45, S45hf1, S45V, S45sdf1, S45k1f1 Steel Agricultural Roller Chain

S45, S45hf1, S45V, S45sdf1, S45k1f1 Steel Agricultural Roller Chain

one&comma Chain kinds&colon Agricultural roller chain&comma agricultural conveyor chain&comma transmission chain&comma silent chains&comma oil pump chains&comma weld metal drag chains&comma plastic chains and so on&semi
two&comma Principal components&colon It is 40Mn&period 40Cr&comma 45Mn alloy steel&comma SUS304&comma and POM CZPT for plates&comma ten&num&comma 20&num&comma 20CrMnMo&comma 30CrMnTi for pins and rollers&semi
3&comma Warmth therapy&colon Carburizing&comma Austemper Stressing&comma nitro-caburizing harden etc&semi
four&comma Surface area&colon Shot peening&comma black&comma blue or unique&semi
five&comma Bundle way&colon CZPT bag&in addition carton box&furthermore plywood scenario

S type steel agricultural chains
Chain No&period of time Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Width between outer plates Depth of chain plates Pin diameter Pin length Plate thickness Ultimate tensile strength Weight per meter
p d1&lparMax&rpar b1&lparmin&rpar b3&lparmin&rpar h2&lparMax&rpar d2&lparMax&rpar b4&lparMax&rpar T&lparMax&rpar Qo&lparmin&rpar Q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Kn Kg&solm
S32 29&period21 eleven&period43 15&period88 20&period57 13&period5 four&period47 26&period7 1&period8 eight &period86
S32-H 29&period21 eleven&period43 15&period88 twenty&period57 thirteen&period5 4&period47 26&period7 2 seventeen&period5 &period88
S32V 29&period21 11&period43 15&period88   13&period5 5&period08 29&period7 two&period1 twenty five &period96
S42 34&period93 fourteen&period27 19&period05 twenty five&period65 19&period8 seven&period01 34&period3 two&period8 26&period7 &period96
S42-H 34&period93 14&period27 19&period05 25&period65 19&period8 7&period01 34&period3   forty one  
S45 41&period4 15&period24 22&period23 28&period96 17&period3 5&period74 38&period1 two&period8 17&period8 1&period6
S45-H 41&period4 fifteen&period24 22&period23 28&period96 seventeen&period3 5&period74 38&period1   32  
S45HF1 41&period4 fifteen&period24 22&period23   seventeen&period3 7&period14 39&period5 three 36&period75 two
S55HSD 41&period4 seventeen&period78 22&period23   20&period4 eight&period27 39&period5 3 forty five two&period9
S52 38&period1 15&period24 22&period23 28&period96 seventeen&period3 five&period74 38&period1 2&period8 17&period8 1&period68
S52-H 38&period1 15&period24 22&period23 28&period96 seventeen&period3 5&period74 38&period1   32  
S55 41&period4 17&period78 22&period23 28&period96 17&period3 5&period74 38&period1 two&period8 17&period8 one&period8
S55-H forty one&period4 17&period78 22&period23 28&period96 seventeen&period3 5&period74 38&period1   32 two&period25
S55V 41&period4 17&period78 22&period23 35&period3 20&period7 eight&period27 39&period4 2&period9 forty five 2&period22
S55R 41&period4 17&period78 22&period23 34&period5 21&period2 five&period72 37&period5 2&period6 45 two&period49
S55RH 41&period4 17&period78 22&period23 forty one&period4 22&period4 8&period9 forty six&period4 four eighty four&period5 2&period74
S62 forty one&period91 19&period05 twenty five&period4 32 17&period3 5&period74 forty&period6 six&period2 26&period7 one&period87
S62-H forty one&period91 19&period05 twenty five&period4 32 seventeen&period3 5&period74 forty&period6   32  
S62R-C6E 41&period91 19&period05 25&period8   twenty&period1 8&period5 forty four&period6 3 forty two  
S62F3 forty one&period91 19&period05 twenty five&period4   26&period2 8 forty four&period8 three fifty eight&period7 3&period12
S77 fifty eight&period34 eighteen&period26 22&period23 31&period5 26&period2 8&period92 43&period2 four forty four&period5 two&period66
S77-H fifty eight&period34 18&period26 22&period23 31&period5 26&period2 8&period92 forty three&period2   eighty  
S88 sixty six&period27 22&period86 28&period58 37&period85 26&period2 eight&period92 fifty&period8 4 forty four&period5 3&period25
S88-H sixty six&period27 22&period86 28&period58 37&period85 26&period2 8&period92 fifty&period8   80  
38&period4R 38&period4 fifteen&period88 19&period05   seventeen&period3 six&period92 36&period4 three forty one&period2 one&period7
38&period4V 38&period4 fifteen&period88 18   seventeen&period3 six&period92 38 3 fifty one&period83
38&period4VB 38&period4 15&period88 19&period05   26&period2 eight&period28 39&period4 two&period8 62&period5 two&period17
38&period4VBF2 38&period4 fifteen&period88 19&period05   twenty&period5 8&period28 39&period1 3 fifty 2&period33
S38 38 16 21&period8   21 9 forty three three 55 two
55VD 41&period4 seventeen&period8 23   26&period2 eight&period22 forty two&period4 three forty five two&period34
55VDF1-CPEF forty one&period4 17&period9 22&period5   23 9 39&period7 3 50 2&period68
55VF1H2 forty one&period4 17&period9 22&period23   21&period4 eight&period22 48&period4 3 sixty 2&period92
S55HF2 41&period4 23 22&period23   20 eight&period28 forty five&period5 three forty seven&period5 4&period27
S55HF1 41&period4 17&period78 22&period23   20&period4 8&period28 forty two&period8 three forty five 2&period9
LV40 forty twelve 22   seventeen&period5 six 41 three 31&period4 one&period53
P41&period3 41&period3 15&period88 22&period23 35&period3 twenty&period7 8&period27 39&period4 3 fifty two&period45
P40&period6 40&period6 fifteen&period88 20 35&period45 twenty&period7 8&period27 39&period4 3 35 1&period55
40SH twelve&period7 7&period95 seven&period84   twelve 3&period96 19&period9 2&period03 22&period4 &period82
50SH 15&period875 10&period16 9&period4   15&period09 5&period08 23&period4 2&period42 thirty&period4 1&period25
60SH 19&period05 eleven&period91 twelve&period57 twenty five&period54 eighteen 5&period94 31&period6 3&period25 44&period1 one&period87
80SH twenty five&period4 fifteen&period88 15&period75   24 seven&period92 37&period7 4 88&period2 3&period1
100SH 31&period75 19&period05 18&period9   30 nine&period53 forty six&period9 4&period8 116&period6 four&period52
120SH 38&period1 22&period23 twenty five&period22   35&period7 eleven&period1 57&period5 five&period6 158&period2 6&period6
630SK 19&period05 fourteen&period28 nine&period53 seventeen&period15 eighteen&period1 seven&period11 28 3&period6 42 two&period18
630H 19&period05 eleven&period91 nine&period53   18&period1 5&period94 27&period8 three&period25 42 two&period16
C40&comma C08A-one twelve&period7 7&period95 seven&period85   twelve three&period96 sixteen&period6 one&period5 14&period1 &period78
C50&comma C10A-1 15&period875 ten&period16 9&period4   fifteen&period09 five&period08 20&period7 2 22&period2 1&period27
C60&comma C12A-one 19&period05 11&period91 12&period57   eighteen five&period94 25&period9 two&period42 31&period8 1&period86
C80&comma C16A-one 25&period4 15&period88 15&period75   24 7&period92 32&period7 three&period25 56&period7 3&period03
C100&comma C20A-one 31&period75 19&period05 eighteen&period9   thirty nine&period53 forty&period4 4 88&period5 four&period51
C120&comma C24A-1 38&period1 22&period23 25&period22   36&period2 11&period1 50&period3 four&period8 127 six&period63
C550 41&period4 16&period87 19&period81 26&period16 19&period05 seven&period19 38&period2 2&period7 39&period8 1&period94
C550-H 41&period4 16&period87 19&period81 26&period16 19&period05 7&period19 39 three 39&period8 two&period24
C620 42&period01 seventeen&period91 24&period51 31&period72 19&period05 seven&period19 42&period2 3&period15 39&period1 2&period35
C620-H forty two&period01 seventeen&period91 24&period51 31&period72 19&period05 seven&period19 42&period2   fifty seven&period8  

We are a top company of mechanical transmission spare elements&comma as effectively as a number of many years one of dependable and reliable distributors for CZPTpean&comma The usa&comma Iran market and so on&time period Our main objects are roller chains&comma conveyor chains&comma transmission chain&comma pulleys&comma V-belts&comma sprockets&comma transmission gears&comma equipment shafts&comma roller bearings&comma rollers&comma conveyor belts and so on&interval

At existing&comma For South American&comma CZPTpean&comma and Asian marketplace&comma our excellent products are fabricated according to your prerequisite and our top quality meets ISO&comma ASME&comma DIN standard&time period

I hope we can do business together&comma and look CZPT to listening to from you soon

Basic Data
Scope of enterprise Manufacture&comma design and style and export the metal chains&comma iron chains&comma gears and sprockets etc
Chains manufacturing facility 1 Assembly workshop of chains
two Production workshop of chains
three Heat-treatment method workshop
four Examination workshop
five Concluded chains workshop
six Warehouse
Total employees 220 workers
Quantity of designers 6-eight workers
Amount of Method engineers five employees
Number of QC engineers 6 staff
Total Revenue Quantity More than 800 hundreds RMB&equals127 countless numbers USD &lpar2011&rpar
Export ratio More than eighty&percnt
Certificates ISO 9001&colon 2000

S45, S45hf1, S45V, S45sdf1, S45k1f1 Steel Agricultural Roller Chain