Multifunctional Mini Tiller with Ditcher Rotary Tiller Weeder

Multifunctional Mini Tiller with Ditcher Rotary Tiller Weeder


Rotary tillage, Ditching, Weeding, Earthing, Ridging

Particularly appropriate for sugarcane, ginger, inexperienced onion earthing

Differential steering, adaptable turning, suitable for backyard, orchard rotation, weeding.

  • one. Chinese patent guarded products. Four-wheel push (two-wheel function and two-wheel walk), saving effort. Increase the handle gear, straightforward procedure, substantial security performance, not effortless to harm people, aged and females can use. .
  • two. Differential steering, flexible turning
  • 3. Outfitted with front and rear operating wheel intershift (our patent),which increases the operating ability of a variety of scenarios
  • 4. Extensive use and totally free (slicing) resources. Rotary knife, ditching knife , weeding knife and earth knife and so on.
  • 5. Arm-rest body shifting procedure to improve the ease
  • 6. 20 chromium manganese titanium carburizing procedure for Both transmission shaft and equipment,exact same good quality as automotive components.CZPTize thickening chains to improve power
  • 7. CZPT brand name belt, which drastically extends its functioning daily life. The thickness of gear is thicker than that of other producers, which enhances the all round influence resistance

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Energy type


Engine model



Motor variety

Solitary-cylinder,air-cooled,4 stroke

Optimum output electrical power(HP/rpm)



CZPTting mode

Hand commence/CZPT start

Use gasoline oil

ninety two#gasoline

Fuel tank capacity(L)


Rotating the rated working Width(mm)

500-800 adjustable

Rotating the rated functioning  Depth(mm)

-200 adjustable

Push Manner

Four-wheel drive 6 equipment shift

Clutch Sort

All-round exterior cluth

Weeding rated working Width(mm)

560-800 adjustable

Rotary doing work performance(m2/h)


Packing measurement(L*W*H)(mm)



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Multifunctional Mini Tiller with Ditcher Rotary Tiller Weeder