High Density Polyethylene UHMWPE Plastic Sheet

High Density Polyethylene UHMWPE Plastic Sheet

Three(3)-layer,two-color UHMWPE board/sheet

3-layer two-shade UHMWPE  sheet, is an engineering hermoplastic composed of ethylene and butadiene monomer—beneath the motion of catalyst. The viscosity average molecular fat of UHMWPE is a lot more than one.5 million — 7 million, and it is named “The Amazing CZPT”.
Ultra-higher molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE) combine the benefits of all plastic. This sort of as large affect resistance, put on resistance, anti-corrosion, self-lubrication, lower-temperature resistance. Cause of these rewards, UHMWPE is extensively utilised in CZPTpe, The usa ,Africa etc



5040x1330x(six-three hundred)mm
6050x1820x(six-three hundred)mm
4520x2000x(6-three hundred)mm

Any dimensions and color are CZPT with us.

UHMW-PE is outlined as polyethylene whose molecular weight is three.1 million or larger. When producing this dedication, it was located that actual physical qualities improved quickly as reduced MW values increased, and then leveled off at the three,100,000 value. As with most substantial-overall performance polymers, processing of UHMW-PE is not effortless. Due to the fact of its high soften viscosity, standard molding and extrusion procedures would split the long molecular chains that give the substance its superb properties. Current production methods contain compression molding, ram extrusion and warm forging of extruded slugs. UHMW-PE has outstanding abrasion resistance and an extremely minimal coefficient of friction. Impact power is higher and chemical resistance is exceptional. 

The materials does not crack in affect toughness tests using normal notched specimens double-notched specimens crack at 20 ft-lb/in (42.one kJ/m2). UHMW-PE has a crystalline melting position of 267°F (131°C). CZPTmmended optimum service is about 200°F (93°C). Care should be taken when fastening UHMW-PE, as its huge thermal growth can trigger the material to buckle between fasteners if they are too considerably apart. 
UHMW (ultra substantial molecular bodyweight polyethylene) is an very difficult plastic with substantial abrasion and dress in resistance.
The versatility of polyethylene has produced it a common plastic for numerous industrial applications that call for toughness, lower friction, and chemical resistance.

Properties of UHMWPE

Item  Check technique Device UHMWPE one thousand-V UHMWPE 1000-DS
ISO1183-one g/cm3 .ninety three-.95 .ninety five-.ninety six
Yield Power
ASTM D-638 N/mm2 fifteen-22 fifteen-22
Breaking Elongation
ISO527 % >200% >100%
Affect strength
ISO179      Kj/m2 one hundred thirty-a hundred and seventy 90-130
ISO15527 Metal=one hundred eighty-one hundred ten a hundred and ten-one hundred thirty
Shore Hardness
ISO 868 Shore D 63-64 sixty three-sixty seven
Friction Coefficient(Static state)
ASTM D-1894 Unitless <0.2 <0.2
Operating temperature
ºC -eighty to +80 -eighty to +eighty

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High Density Polyethylene UHMWPE Plastic Sheet