Good Price Excavator Carrier Wheel for Sale

Good Price Excavator Carrier Wheel for Sale

                                           Undercarriage Parts Carrier Rollers for Excavators

Product Description:
Track roller/carrier roller and loafer assy are created by solid steel.  They are extensively utilize to excavator and bulldozers and perform the role of load-bearing and going for walks.

Item Parameters:

Carrier Roller series Vehicle kind Application
Bulldozers SD008, SD10YE, SD13, SD16, SD18,SD20, SD22, SD23,SD32, SD42
Excavators SE60, SE70,SE130, SE210,SE220,SE240, SE270, SE330, SE360, SC210.8, SC220.eight, SC240.eight, SC270.eight, SC360.8
Bulldozers D50, D53A, D58A, D60, D65, D70LE, D85ESS, D85A(E.P)-eighteen, D85A(E.P)-21, D150, D155
Excavators PCS60-seven, PC75, PC90, PC120-five, PC130-7, PC200,PC200LC, PC220,PC300-seven, PC400
Bulldozers D6D, D10N
Excavators 205, 205LC, 211, 211LC, 213LC
ZX200, UH04, UH045, UH062, UH063
JS60, JS65, JS75, JS85

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Good Price Excavator Carrier Wheel for Sale