0-12degree High Quality Cheap Price Escalator From Factory

0-12degree High Quality Cheap Price Escalator From Factory

Title:-12degree Large High quality Low cost Value Escalator from factory :
1. Super-consciousness aesthetic design satisfies the qualities of human physiology

two. Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized layout, comfort and organic

three. Sophisticated manage method and driving unit, superior driving method, exceptional driving chain, superb workmanship assures the relaxed procedure

4. The safety safety functions as a lot of as 21 things entirely comply with nationwide and CZPTpean common

five. Automantic lubrication program lubricates all sorts of driving factors, which prolongs passenger conveyor’s procedure lifestyle drastically.

six. Micro-computer controlled method performs with fast calculation speed, higher trustworthy transferring, and also with failure code fixed, simple to be managed

seven. Drive gadget organized vertically assures adequate area and convinience for routine maintenance.

Software   Indoor. 16-hr operation every day
  Horizontal Span   ≤ 110m
  Inclination   0° ~6°
  Action Width   800mm/1000mm
  Ability   6750/9000per. /h
  Rated Velocity   .5m/s
  Main Power   380V/50Hz/3P
  Balustrade   Tempered glass(10mm)
  Handrail Bracket   Stainless steel
  Handrail   Black
  Balustrade Height   900mm
  Interior& Outer Decking   Hairline St. St
  Skirting   Dress in resistant coating steel sheet
  Pallet   Stainless Metal
  Landing Plate   Stainless steel(anti-sliding)
  Illumnation   Lighting below higher& reduce landing measures
  Indicator   Failure code indicator on handle cabint
Operation   Unexpected emergency cease button
  Inspection procedure


0-12degree High Quality Cheap Price Escalator From Factory